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On the Way that connects Rome to Saint Jacques de Compostela (GR 653D), 2 or 3 days of Arles, to step in Clodie and Leo, is the certainty of a pleasant, restful and relaxed end of the day .

At "Lou colou", you will find a home "at home", family friendly, in an old Provencal farmhouse (mas) lost amid the apple trees.

Your hosts have already "done" the Way to Santiago: they know who is a peregrin and what it means. Leo has also caught the virus and continues to travel regularly by the Paths.

For many, Cavaillon is known for the melon ... yes ... of course, but the city built at an important crossroads of the Via Domitia, has some seasonal treasures less:
Cavaillon is also the hermitage of Cesar de Bus (now a chapel) on the St Jacques hill, a former oppidum (view) inhabited since the fifth century BC. J-C. by Cavares, it is also a cloister of the twelfth adjoining the Cathedral of St. Veran:
Cavaillon was bishop of the fourth century until the revolution of 1789, it is also a synagogue of the XVIII with its ritual baths and the museum, one of the most beautiful in Europe, it is still a Roman arch of first century located at the origin of the Via Domitia, which today can easily find the Tourist Office!

If you prefer to rest: a good lounger in the shade of plane trees two centuries old when the sky is blue, the crickets lull you ... or a cushy chair by the fireside dreary day, it makes you up for dinner first and then the next day's stage (yes, one should think!).


We can not accommodate more than two peregrins simultaneously (four following circumstances) or a bed with a couple or two single beds. In all cases the bathroom is shared.

For organizational reasons as for your peace, the announcement of your visit is desirable between 24 and 48 hours in advance. And to be honest, to remain available, we reserve a moment of tranquility in the day, especially in summer, so we can not accommodate you before 3:30 p.m. (except in case of bad weather of course), you should consider it.

Contribution to costs (formula restricted to pilgrims): night + breakfast 30 €. Or half board, meals at our table € 35.

Location relative to the path : detour over the two days 1 km. If desired, Leo will pick you up or take you back to Cavaillon on the GR following your direction of travel.

To find us without detours:

From Italy (Apt) : on Chemin de la Tour, 3 km before Cavaillon, leave the GR to turn right on Chemin des Chateaux (up to an equestrian center to the left), straight through two intersections, the railway junction and continue straight for 400 m. Arrive at a stop turn left onto the national road 50 m. Enter the parking lot of a small business (MAF), along the building to the right, at bottom, cross the bridge and go down the dirt road, you see the house. You are expected. Today's stage was under 2 km.

From Spain (Arles, Cavaillon) : GR take direction Apt, Cavaillon exit after the bridge on the Coulon, to the crow's feet turn left (GR) at the next intersection (300m) from the GR at a right angle to the right, you leave it for take the opposite path of the tower to the left, pass under the railroad tracks, immediately turn right on Chemin de Bonnebeau 300 or 400 m. At the corner of a small bridge, turn left on Chemin des Girardes very close, go to the end, to stop, turn right onto the national 100 m up to the No. 676, enter the parking lot of a small business (MAF), along the building to the right, at bottom, cross the bridge and go down the dirt road, you see the house. You are expected. Tomorrow a shortcut joins the road, will step under 2 km.

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Mas Lou Colou - La Sicarde 676 rte de l'Isle/Sorgue F-84300 Cavaillon

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